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Cocoa powder is chocolate in its purest form. It’s unsweetened, so you can use it to add deep chocolate flavor to baked goods, drinks, and more.

Cocoa powder is made from the cacao bean, which is harvested from the tree Theobroma cacao. The beans are fermented and then dried, after which they’re cracked open to reveal their inner seeds, called nibs. The nibs are ground into a paste called chocolate liquor. Next up: processing!

To make cocoa powder, the fat or cocoa butter gets separated out of the chocolate liquor. This leaves behind a mixture of solids—some of which are called cocoa solids—that get ground together into small particles that resemble tiny grains of sand. Those particles are what become cocoa powder.

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Cocoa powder, obtained from carefully collected cocoa beans of Indonesia, is offered to our customers as natural and alkalized. Thanks to our strong cooperation, we both produce and supply to many countries of the world.

We are able to supply you at any time by producing in international standards in packages with different volumes according to your preference. With our 3 separate partners, we can respond to your needs without interruption. All quality processes and logistics management are meticulously followed by us, and we can deliver the products to your door.

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